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Our Gallery features unique art pieces gathered from the most talented Artists of French Polynesia.


From generation to generation, we inherit this authentic knowledge and skill from our ancestors.


Each of these raw materials is transformed, worked and sculpted into a piece of Art.

Wooden Drum "Pahu" from the Marquesas
Focus on a engraved Polynesian Paddle
Polynesian Tiki
Manua Exquisite Art LOGO

Our story is the one of Raimana Poroi, passionate collector of Polynesian Art, wishing to share the beauty of our Culture through amazing pieces, crafted by local Polynesian Artists.

Our collections

An amazing Collection reflecting Tahiti and her Islands’ rich diversity of styles.

Front of the Manua Art Gallery in Papeete

Our Galleries

Experience beautiful & unique masterpieces created by the most talented Polynesian Artists.

Hokatu Ata Vaka

“Hokatu ata vaka” in “Miro” (rosewood) – Marquesas Archipelago.


Magnificent bowl in “Miro” (rosewood) finely carved on its outer surface with Marquesan symbols.

Fish &Turtle stone

Fish and turtle in flowered stone (phonolite) from Ua Pou – Marquesas Archipelago.

Vairaa Taoa

Superbly engraved jewelry box, in “Miro” (rosewood) and bone – Marquesas Archipelago .

"Meka" rostrum

Carved Meka swordfish rostrum withTahitian pearl on a volcanic stone plinth.


Ceremonial paddle in “Tou” wood (Oceanic Walnut) from Austral Archipelago.